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Kind: Lunar orbiter

State: Spacecraft failure

Place: Moon

Operator: Air Force Ballistic Missile Division

Instruments: Television camera, magnetometer, micrometeoroid impact detectorProject Able-1 Probes (USAF)Pioneer 1 →



Duration: 73.6 secondsFailed to orbit

Mission Ending

"Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending." - Jim Henson


Rocket: Thor DM-18 Able-I(Thor # 127)

Kind: Air Force Ballistic Missile Division

Manufacturer: Space Technology Laboratories

Mass: 83.8 pounds (38.0 kg)

Launch Site: Cape Canaveral, LC-17A


"Requesting permission for flyby." Maverick - Top Gun


"You’re going very fast when you’re on orbit, going around the world once every hour and a half." - Robert Crippen


"The journey, not the arrival, matters; the voyage, not the landing." - Paul Theroux

Pioneer 0 (also known as Able 1) was a failed United States space probe that was designed to go into orbit around the Moon, carrying a television camera, a micrometeorite detector and a magnetometer, as part of the first International Geophysical Year (IGY) science payload. It was designed and operated by the Air Force Ballistic Missile Division as the first spacecraft in the Pioneer program and was the first attempted launch beyond Earth orbit by any country, but the rocket failed shortly after launch. The probe was intended to be called Pioneer (or Pioneer 1), but the launch failure precluded that name.