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State: successful

Place: Venus

Operator: Soviet Academy of Sciences



Duration: Travel: 3 months and 16 daysLander: 95 minutes

Mission Ending

Last Contact: February 1, 1980


Rocket: Proton-K/D-1 8K82K

Kind: Soviet Academy of Sciences

Mass: 4,936 kg (10,882 lb)

Launch Site: Baikonur 81/23


1º Flyby: Venus


Reference System: Geocentric


Place: Venus

Region: 14°S 299°E / 14°S 299°E / -14, 299 (near Phoebe Regio)

Date: 25 December 1978, 03:24

Component: Venera 11 descent craft

The Venera 11 (Russian: Венера-11 meaning Venus 11) was a Soviet uncrewed space mission part of the Venera program to explore the planet Venus. Venera 11 was launched on 9 September 1978 at 03:25:39 UTC. Separating from its flight platform on December 23, 1978 the lander entered the Venus atmosphere two days later on December 25 at 11.2 km/s. During the descent, it employed aerodynamic braking followed by parachute braking and ending with atmospheric braking. It made a soft landing on the surface at 06:24 Moscow time (03:24 UT) on 25 December after a descent time of approximately 1 hour. The touchdown speed was 7 to 8 m/s. Information was transmitted to the flight platform for retransmittal to earth until it moved out of range 95 minutes after touchdown. Landing coordinates are 14°S 299°E / 14°S 299°E / -14, 299.